Love Her Look



OK I know this is kind of old news but did you happen to catch the VMA performance of Bang Bang with the trio of divas (Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj of course)? I had it on the DVR and was watching while catching up on work and I kinda stopped in my tracks from this hardcore girl power talent explosion, despite a major wardrobe malfunction (cringe!). But whoa – can we talk about Jessie J? Girl crush central over here! She KILLED it in her sleek pony tail, red lips, sky high slit dress, and ridiculous voice. As a fellow tall girl, I really love how she towers over the little Polly Pocket sized Ariana and Nicki, and doesn’t mind one bit. She owns her strong, Amazonian presence. So then I had to go look up the video for the song and boy is that just 3 minutes of girly fun. I’m kinda digging the dance – in – the – streets ensemble that Jessie rocks, all be it more pop star than street style. I still think it’s modifiable for a night out on the town, especially if you throw a white blazer over the whole deal. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out below. Don’t lie – I know you’re rocking out to it at your desk with the rest of us!

Love Her Look / Jessie J

Deb brallette / Michael Kors hoops / Blackfive sunglasses / Kenneth Cole chain bracelet / Sole Society open link bracelet / Brooks Brothers suspenders / Jason Wu trousers (similar ones from Topshop) / NARS lipstick / Lipsy London heels / Butter London nail lacquer


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Sports Slides1. Nike Benassi JDI slides / 2. Adidas Carozoon slides / 3. Nike Benassi Solarsoft slides / 4. Nike Benassi Swoosh slides / 5. Adidas Adilette blue + white slides / 6. Topshop Float slides / 7. Adidas Adilette black + white slides / 8. Nike Benassi JDI Swoosh slides

At this point, I guess you can bank on the fact that every trend that happened in the nineties is going to make a comeback. From plaid flannels and Dr. Martens to the crazy Birkenstock explosion that happened this summer, no style will be left behind. Next up: sport slides. Think of them as a sportier, edgier sister of the Birkenstocks. This revival is all about a modern take on the slides. This time though, feel free to leave the socks at home. Instead, think black trousers with an oversized button down and a chic tote bag. They’re an easy swap for the Arizona two-straps that sold out everywhere this season, and with a lower price point. There are many options with these slides, though I personally think it’s best to stick to black and white to avoid looking like you just stepped off a soccer field, unless you’re Wayne Rooney or something. These comfortable sandals are the next step to normcore, a trend that seems to keep evolving in the street style world, and they have no reason not to make a home in your wardrobe.



So remember that time I told you guys about the incredible personalized jackets from the Rag & Bone autumn 2014 show? Well, it’s September now and all our prayers have been answered.  You can finally own one of these beauties with your very own name on it.  Sure, it’s a pretty penny, but has there ever been a cooler statement item?  You have a few options too, all equally cool.  A wearable hoodie, a silk button-down bowling shirt, a navy pinstripe jacket, and a black specked coat.  These retro Pink Ladies-esque pieces will be without a doubt the items of the season. So if you want to be the envy of all of your friends/acquaintances/passers by and you have the budget to score one of these, do yourself a favor and make it happen. It’s only for the month of September and at select locations, so be sure to check the Rag & Bone for details!

Rag-and-BoneeBowling Shirt           //          Dean Jacket          //          Zip Through Racer Hoodie          //          Challenge Jacket
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autumn bourbon sangria / the life styled

Autumn in Los Angeles is like a conflict of interests. When seemingly the rest of the world is crunching leaves, layering scarves and fully claimed by pumpkin-obsession, we have some of the hottest days of the year. This recipe for Autumn Bourbon Sangria is a perfect way to transition your cocktail habit into the spirit of the season. I love sangria so it’s fun to play with different fruits that are fresh this time of year! For Fall I’m feeling crisp apples paired with juicy plums and pears. This blend includes bourbon and a cinnamon stick garnish for a heartier take on the classic sangria. Yum, it feels like Fall already!

autumn bourbon sangria / the life styled

autumn bourbon sangria / the life styled

autumn bourbon sangria / the life styled


1 bottle malbec wine (or another full bodied red)
1/2 cup bourbon whisky
1/2 cup pure apple juice
1/2 apple, sliced
1/2 orange, sliced
1 plum, sliced (look for a juicy ripe one)
1/2 pear, sliced  (look for a juicy ripe one)
1 cinnamon stick (more for optional garnish)

Cut all your fruit in equal sizes slices and drop into the bottom of a pitcher or glass jug. Add a cinnamon stick. Pour the whole bottle of wine, bourbon and apple juice over the fruit and gently stir to combine. Cover and chill in the refrigerator for a minimum of 3 hours and up to 2 days. It’s best if it soaks overnight before drinking, but if you’re in more of a hurry you might want to add a bit more apple juice to take the edge off. Serve cold or room temperature, garnished with a few slices of the fruit and a cinnamon stick.

autumn bourbon sangria / the life styledPhotography by Dani Beutell

Case Study


louis vuitton luggage

OK guys, I need your help. I wanted to conduct a little survey of sorts on here because I’ve been obsessively researching (as I tend to do) and I’m having a hard time finding like minded ladies’ opinions on this topic across the general internets. Here’s the deal: I’m heading to Italy in a couple of weeks (eee!), and I’m in need of new luggage. I’m in hardcore shopping mode and I’m all over the place between the cheapest and pricier options. I feel like a suitcase is one of those coming of age purchases. Since it does take a beating over time, it’s normal to go through luggage fairly frequently, having to say goodbye to the one the TSA has battered and abused for the past few years, and move on to something new. While the fact that luggage gets so beat up is a reason not to spend a lot, at the same time there is nothing worse than a suitcase breaking on you mid-trip. I know because it’s happened to me with every piece of luggage I’ve ever owned, and it makes me SO ANGRY. Ok maybe that’s also because I’m usually hungry and tired while it’s happening, but still. THE WORST. I’ve never splurged on luggage but I’m considering stepping it up from the cheapest of the cheap for this next purchase. What kind of luggage do you use? Hard side or soft side? Cheap-o or splurgey? I’m considering going middle-of-the-road. Not the cheapest, but not $800 either. And I’m REALLY into the white hard side cases, regardless of how silly that may be. It’s just so chic, and I don’t mind putting in a little work to keep it clean. Has anyone owned a white suitcase? I’m dying to know your luggage experience and tips ladies, so please do share!

Case Study

Victorinox / Globe Trotter / Rimowa / Mandarina Duck / Tumi / Louis Vuitton / Ben Minkoff / DVF / Samsonite

School Supplies


School Supplies

Sugar Paper journal / Russell + Hazel binder and rubber bands / Fred pencils / Terrapin “Boss” note cards / Russel + Hazel desktop dock / Russell + Hazel keychain / Rifle Paper Co. notebook / Brilliant Ideas notepad / Fornasetti magazine rack / Kate Spade stapler / Cavallini paper clips / Russell + Hazel leather portfolio / Nate Berkus shears / Nate Berkus folders

One of my favorite parts of September is the back-to-school excitement in the air – something that never goes away even when we’re long past our student years. Shopping for school supplies used to be something I looked forward to for months. I loved nothing more than to pick up fresh pencils, pristine new folders and notebooks. Thrill of the year. Even if you’re not headed back to school this month, it’s fun to give your desk a little update with some fun new office supplies. No Jansport backpacks or Five Star binders here!


Go Get It

The Transport Tote by Madewell

Consider this the holy grail of affordable leather tote bags. Your “what’s in my bag” Instagrams will be envied by all.  You’ll get through every errand in a day with ease.  You’ll fit endless school supplies and be teachers pet in no time.  Basically this bag is an all around life upgrade.  The Transport Tote is a staple at Madewell and it comes in a variety of colors and limited edition designs, however the classic black is calling my name (obviously). To top it off, for ten extra bucks you can personalize it by having it monogrammed. Your favorite leather tote with your initials embossed in gold foil? Yes please. Have I convinced you yet?  You need this beautiful baby in your life, so go get it!




Boyfriend Shirt


Boyfriend Shirt / The Life Styled

Remember when I told you that you NEED this shirt? Well I meant it. That’s why I went out and got it for myself. I had a hard time deciding between the crisp white and the stripes, but in the end I felt like the stripes would be a fun change of pace for a go-to shirt option. I also liked the semi-hidden navy grosgrain trim up the front. It’s such a fun piece to throw on – it looks every bit as good with cutoffs as it does with trousers and heels. What drew me to it in the first place is how long and oversized it is without being too bulky. I feel like I’m wearing PJ’s but there’s a chicness to it that makes it so easy to feel stylish when I’m out and about. I can’t wait to keep styling it different ways throughout the fall, and I just might have to grab the white after all…

Boyfriend Shirt / The Life Styled

Boyfriend Shirt / The Life Styled

Boyfriend Shirt / The Life Styled

Boyfriend Shirt / The Life Styled

Boyfriend Shirt / The Life Styled

Boyfriend Shirt / The Life Styled

J.Crew shirt and pants / Zara shoes (old but here are some similar ones) / BCBG clutch (similar) / Russell + Hazel bracelet / Karl Lagerfeld watch / Prada sunglasses – for sale at my Instasale next Tuesday, September 9th! Follow @thelifestyledsale and tune in at 10am PST to shop my closet! A portion of the proceeds will benefit Best Friends Animal Society!



Gym Bag Inventory



Today I thought it would be fun to share my “gym bag inventory” – the things I lug with me everyday to the gym and pretty much can’t live without at this point. I’d love to hear about yours too! It took me about a week of getting used to my new gym “home” to figure out what I needed and compile a (very stuffed) bag of items that get me through my workout and post-workout regiment. I cannot believe it’s already been almost a month since I started my get fit initiative. Wow. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished in a month, yet how quickly that time slips through our fingers leaving us feeling like we could have done more. I can honestly say that things have been going amazingly so far. Not because I’m wasting away right before your very eyes (as you can probably see in my photos here and on Instagram, it’s a slow moving process), but because it has really allowed me to get my daily lifestyle to a place I’m proud of. Seeing weight come off does help a little. ;) As of the last time I weighed myself (about 2 weeks ago), I had lost 7 lbs so far which was an amazing feeling, especially since those first couple of weeks felt like nothing was happening despite these drastic changes (working out 5 days a week and cutting out dairy, wheat, and coffee… 90% of coffee – read more about the specific changes in my original post about this). But seeing that number on the scale go down really gave me the validation that all of this could actually work…


 Nike gym bag / Sephora toiletry bag (old) / Ibiza boar bristle brush / Ibiza hair dryer / Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses / Health Ade kombucha / Hydro Flask water bottle /  Frends headphones /  Havaianas flip flops / Shimano spinning shoes / Topshop iPhone case (similar) / WANT les essientials de la vie travel wallet (similar in cognac and blue) / Lululemon top

Not gonna lie though, there have been a few bumps in the road. The first challenge was going home to Minnesota last week which I thought was going to be a piece of cake (not literally) eating wise and hard workout wise. It was the opposite – working out was easy and fun because I had my mom to join me for stair climbing and running/walking on the track at the nearby college stadium. It was a nice change of pace to enjoy the outdoors and chats with her. Eating was harder though because I didn’t have my specific crutches that I rely on to get me through the day (juices, kombucha, the snack bars I get at the gym, my dinner go-to’s – more on those later). Still I thought I’d be back at it in no time, but then my hubby had a serious workout injury that lead to 3 nights in the hospital. Between that and Labor Day weekend (and a weak moment involving pizza), I didn’t work out for a whole week which left me feeling like I derailed this whole thing. Let’s just say that finally heading back to the gym yesterday was really hard. Not because I didn’t want to go – I was actually dying to get back – but because I was afraid that it would be like going back to square 1 and that all the work I’ve done so far is for nothing. I’m not far enough into this where I’ve noticed a visual difference in my body let alone feel totally safe to eat pizza and skip out on the gym for a week… but it happened. I couldn’t get up the courage to weigh myself again just yet, but I’m hoping that the last 2 weeks didn’t put me back where I started. Either way, I’m officially back to pick up where I left off and trying not to beat myself up about life getting in the way a little. There has to be some room for mistakes, but a lesson I learned is that when you’re trying to go for big results, you have to be prepared for the setbacks and be ready to stay with it even when it gets harder than usual. What do you do to stay with your plan when you travel or deal with unexpected curveballs? 


gym_bag_4Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub / It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Spray / Sacha Juan Ocean Hair Mist / Kate Somerville ExfoliKate / Rodial Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water / MoroccanOil hairspray / Malin & Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant / Kerastase Elixir Ultime hair serum / Davines Love conditionerTangle Teezer brush / Goody hair ties / American Apparel headband / Schik razor 

Thanks for listening, guys! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more updates on this journey, and at the hashtag #thelifestyledfit! I love hearing from you about your experiences with health and fitness too, so don’t be shy! Have a great rest of your week – it’s already half over – yay!

Photography by Dani Beutell



Hello September



Ohh boy. I can already feel that these monthly mood board posts are going to trip me out because I feel like they come around way too often. Just a second ago we were welcoming in the dog days of summer, and just like that it’s time to say hello to fall! Not that I’m complaining. September is always an epic month, don’t you think? There’s an energy unlike any other month of the year. It’s the perfect time to pick up the pace after a laid back summer, grab a hot coffee, and dive head first into the final quarter. School is in session, fall TV is back, and layering is creeping back into our daily outfits (yes!). It may still be hot for a little while longer, but the crisp fall air is waiting around the bend, sweaters and leather in tow. For me, it’s the month the husband and I finally take a long overdue vacation to Italy and let me tell you it cannot come soon enough. September, here we go!

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